Preschool Staff

Preschool Staff


Angie Winkler, Director
      Angie Winkler has spent the past 18 years, teaching every age age of preschool in schools ranging from suburban Orange County to a state children's home in Chino to an urban center in Seattle and even elementary schools in Slovakia, Europe. In addition to her teaching experience, Angie was the Activities Director at Hillview Acres Children's Home and has been the director of children's and women's ministries at The Vine Church and Westview Church. Having worked in many different centers with many different philosophies, Angie has been able to combine the best of each one to create a truly unique preschool that blends classical education with hands-on learning, solidly Christian curriculum, with the beauty of nature, in a warm and loving environment.

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Our Other Staff Members

 yuri  Yuri Gonzalez, Lead Teacher, Sprouts
      Yuri Gonzalez has worked in the child development field for nearly a decade but teaching preschool is her dream come true. Originally from San Francisco, Ms. Yuri has made San Diego her home. She loves connecting with parents and making a difference in each student’s life that she works with. Her faith in God is an important part of her life and she is excited to share that with her students at Infusion Christian Preschool. Ms. Yuri is the proud mother of two little girls.

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 placeholder  Susan Bryan, Lead Teacher, Sprigs
      Susan Bryan completed her child development courses at Palomar and has been working with preschool children since 2010. As the lead teacher of the Sprigs class, Susan's favorite thing to teach her students is phonics. She loves how proud of themselves the students are when they learn the letter's sounds and can find things that begin with that letter. Susan loves to spend time with her family and go on walks.

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 333  Kristen Seward, Lead Teacher, Seedlings 2
      Kristen Seward has been working with preschool children since 2010 and completed her child development courses at Palomar. Kristen has been teaching at Infusion Christian Preschool since 2014. She loves to incorporate science, math and music into her lessons everyday to make learning fun! In her free time, Kristen enjoys spending time with her friends and family and playing board games.

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 222  Sierra Pocza, Lead Teacher, Seedlings 1
      Sierra Pocza has been at Infusion Christian Preschool since 2014. She received her early childhood education units from Ashworth College. Sierra loves watching preschool students grow and learn. Her favorite thing to teach is science and she loves creating sensory experiences for her classroom. Sierra enjoys playing tennis, reading and spending time with family and friends.

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